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Lynn Canal Publishing is our in-house small press at Skagway Book Co. LCP has been publishing titles about the Skagway-Dyea area since 1987.

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“My history readers pick of 2013” – Michael Gates, The History Hunter – Yukon News.

486 pages, more than 350 photos

Our Signature Title – Skagway History


The True Story of Skagway, Alaska including the White Pass, Dyea and the Chilkoot Trail.

Historical Features & Photographs
Compiled and Edited by Jeff Brady

Shgagwéi, as it was first called centuries before by the Tlingit for the “bunched up water” in its bay caused by strong winds, was “discovered” in 1887 by a father and son with visions of a gateway port to the riches of the Yukon and Alaska.  Ten years later, after the discovery of gold in the Klondike, their vision came true with the arrival of prospectors from all over the world.  The towns of Skaguay and nearby rival Dyea boomed.  Each had multiple newspapers which chronicled the stampede and the competition between the White and Chilkoot passes, but Skagway would win the war with the construction of the White Pass & Yukon Route railway and settle on a way to spell its name.  The community has survived smaller booms and busts since, but remains a vital tourism and industrial port as the Gateway to the Klondike.  In 1898 editors called Skagway the “City of the New Century.”  In this book of stories and photographs, the rich history of this area and its people is chronicled through that new century, and into the next.

Released in 2015 – Alaska Fiction


A novel by Nita Nettleton

Henry Stillwater was once a big shot in the world of finance, until he went to prison.  Now he is out and has been given a ticket north to a new life on the edge of the wilderness in the tiny old gold rush settlement of Dyea (pronounced Di-eee) near Skagway, Alaska.  It doesn’t take long for the residents to figure out who their new neighbor is, and what to make of him.  Henry falls right in with a new gang of cronies and their peculiar loves and misdeeds, but it’s not what you think, and he will have to figure out whether this strange place will be his new home.

$14.95 • 128 pages with illustrations
ORDER ISBN: 978-0-945284-14-7


Released in 2018 – Alaska Fiction


Sequel to Nowhere Else to Go, but Dyea

A novel by Nita Nettleton

In this sequel to Nowhere Else to Go, but Dyea, we find transplanted white collar ex-convict Henry Stillwater with his poker-playing fellow “felons” in the middle of a mystery set in the historic ghost town of Dyea (pronounced Di-eee).  Stillwater has settled into a new life and love in the valley at the end of Alaska’s Inside Passage, but his peace is disturbed by the discovery of a body, and a treasure of sorts that seemingly eludes all who pursue it, including wild, unruly critters large and small.  Complicating Stillwater’s life is a visit by his attorney daughter who sent him away to Alaska, but she too is absorbed by the mystery and where it takes them – to the summit of the Chilkoot Trail. 

$14.95 • 240 pages with illustrations
ORDER ISBN: 978-0-945284-16-1

New in 2016


Volume Two of an Alaskan Classic
Choice Comments by our Visitors

Compiled and Edited by Dave Sexton and Jeff Brady

In this long-awaited second volume of an Alaskan classic that first appeared in the mid-1990s, readers will glimpse the activities of a small town Alaska police department as chronicled by SPD officer Dave Sexton.  The blotter chapters are separated with selections from the hilarious Skagway News summer column, “Heard on the Wind,” a treasure trove of questions and comments from unknowing cheechakos collected by “the windy one,” former News editor and writer Jeff Brady.

$14.95 • 168 pages with photos
ORDER ISBN: 978-0-945284-15-4

New Edition in 2016 


And other True Tales from Alaska’s Fun City (revised editon)

Compiled and Edited by Jeff Brady and Mike Sica, with Dave Sexton

Jeff Brady and Mike Sica collected more than 500 police blotter items, along with many other hilarious stories, in the original volume of this series, an Alaskan bestseller.  This revised edition includes new “bests” from the pages of The Skagway News that received play across Alaska and, in some cases, the world.  SPD officer Dave Sexton, who wrote many of the original entries, helped with this new edition.  With her cover, former Dyea artist Kathy Cooney captures best what’s inside on the blotter beat.

$13.95 • 128 pages with photos
ORDER ISBN: 978-0-945284-05-5

Released in 2015 – Children’s Book (Ages 3-10)


Story by Emily Grace Willis
Pictures by Courtenay Birdsall Clifford

An Alaskan fable of great proportions, Atlin Blue and Miss Scarlet tells a story of the magic that can happen when you plant a seed.

$10.95 • 32 pages with 28 illustrations of gardens and the beautiful landscape around Skagway, Alaska
ORDER ISBN: 978-0-945284-13-0

Released in 2013 – Alaska Outdoors/Humor


An Alaskan Story

By Andrew Cremata

Judged Alaska’s best sports and outdoors columnist for the past decade, Skagway, Alaska writer Andrew Cremata has collected his “Fish This!” stories into one entertaining volume.  More than a compilation of fishing stories, Fish This! An Alaskan Story tells about life in a small Alaska town and the streams nearby where one can escape to and enjoy time in the outdoors.


“I just really liked his writing style and how descriptive he was.  I felt like I was there with him.” – Jim Moore, Sports Columnist, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“I liked the way Cremata weaved the story.  I’m not a fisherman but he got me to read every word.” – Frank Shorr, Senior Journalism Lecturer at Boston University and eight time Emmy award winner.

“Andrew is a marvelous yarn-spinner, a throwback to all of the great outdoors columnists I read in Outdoor Life growing up… Using marvelous storytelling skills, a flair for vivid description and a hint of humor, Andrew writes a column that leaves me wanting more when he’s done.” – Devlyn Brooks, Editor, The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead

$15.95 • 216 pages with 20-plus photos of fish and wildlife
ORDER ISBN: 978-0-945284-11-6

Released in 2014 – Alaska-Yukon History


The story of Alaska-Yukon’s Most Influential Order

By Ashley Bowman

The Arctic Brotherhood, a fraternal order that emerged from the Klondike Gold Rush, established itself in 1899 in the boomtowns of Skagway, Bennett, Atlin, and Dawson City and then spread into the Alaska Interior and all the way to Nome.  In this captivating history by Ashley Bowman, a descendant of an “Arctic Brother,” we learn all the quirks of this order and how its camp members influenced the Alaska Home Rule movement before the Brotherhood quickly faded away in the 1920s.  A few A.B. Halls still stand in the North, including ornate structures in Skagway and Dawson, a testament to the order and its motto: “No Boundary Line Here.”

$14.95 • 184 pages with illustrations
ORDER ISBN: 978-0-945284-12-3

Classic Alaska/Yukon Humor


“Stroller White”

Compiled and Edited by R.N. DeARMOND

 “Shake hands with Stroller White. Then prepare to belly-laugh”
– Anchorage Times

Historic newspaper columns from the “Mark Twain of the North,” Elmer J. “Stroller” White, who edited newspapers in Skagway, Bennett, Dawson City, Whitehorse and Juneau from 1898 until the 1920s.

Some samples:

“It all started when Ham Grease Jimmy announced to the Burn-‘Em-Up Kid in his usual forthright manner that ‘dis moll which Paddy de Pig is stuck on has got a face on her like a bull pup.” – from A Face Like A Bull Pup

“Casey faced an uphill battle because his principle opponent in the election campaign was a saloon owner whose platform consisted of but two planks: 1. Free whiskey. 2. Plenty of it.” – from Casey Moran

“A man who signs himself ‘Gentlemanly Burglar’ complains that owing to the continuous daylight now prevailing, he cannot pursue his calling with any degree of success. He says he has a family to support but that with virtually twenty-four hours of daylight his business is practically at a standstill. – from The Stroller’s Advice Column

An “ALASKA 67” SELECTION as one of the best books in the state!

$12.95, 250 pages, illustrations
ORDER ISBN: 0945284039



GARDEN CITY OF ALASKA (Horticulture History) by Frank Norris – $14.95 – ORDER ISBN:  978-0-945284-07-9

SKAGWAY IN DAYS PRIMEVAL (Early Skagway History) by J. Bernard Moore – $12.95 – ORDER ISBN:  978-0-945284-06-2

GHOSTS OF THE KLONDIKE (Ghost Stories) by Shirley Jonas – $11.95 – ORDER ISBN:  978-0-945284-04-8

GOLD RUSH CEMETERY, (Guidebook/History) by Glenda Choate – $6.95 – ORDER ISBN:  978-0-945284-01-7


SIN & GRACE (Historical Fiction) by Catherine Holder Spude – 978-0-945284-08-6 (a few copies still at Todd Communications as of early 2017)

OUR SUMMER IN ALASKA, 1917, (Childhood Memoir) by Huberta R. Swensen – 978-0-945284-02-4 – WATCH FOR E-BOOK SOON!

ALONG THE WHITE PASS HIGH IRON, (Railroading) by J.D. True – 978-0-945284-00-0 (a few older copies floating around on the web)